General Purpose Distributed Artificial Intelligence

NEUY is a distributed Artificial Intelligence service platform for processing/aggregating data.

Neuy Distributed A.I.

Charts & Stats

Marketplace Apps

The Neuy platform is capable of supporting the development of many different types of AI apps.

Vision Models

We have collected +15 different Vision Object Detection, Text Detection, and Image Classification models for our open marketplace where AI developers will be able to upload their models and App developers will be able to leverage them and build new AI inspired apps like our Crypto and Stock Meme examples.

Our first feature rich apps to be built on our platform, are stock and crypto analysis apps. These let us demonstrate our Vision, NLP, and Predictive A.I. on large meme image datasets.

Price Targets and Predictions

We utilize Deep Learning to gain insight into market patterns, trends and momentum of stocks and segments.

News, Memes and Sentiment

Leveraging Vision and Natural Language Processing to track trends, activity levels and sentiments of News, Memes, Press Releases, and Social Media chatter.

Proof of Contribution

We believe that every processing cycle should have value and contribute to the community. Proof of Contribution changes the game of what it means to do crypto mining. Whether you contributed for 10 mins or 3 months, every contribution earns you NEUY Tokens.

Neuy is pronounced “new” + “ee”. The name comes from the word Neural and for the AI “y^” variable.

ThetaFlow Neuy Team