Breaking Boundaries: Discover the Next Level of AI Innovation in a Decentralized World!

Embark on a journey of limitless possibilities with NeuyAI, a decentralized Artificial Intelligence platform designed for crafting exceptional A.I.-inspired applications.

Generative A.I. – Unleash the boundless creativity of generative AI image creation and witness the transformation of imaginative visions into captivating visuals. With the power of cutting-edge technology, our platform empowers creators to explore new realms of artistic expression. Seamlessly blend innovation and artistry as you generate unique and stunning images, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or enthusiast, our generative AI opens doors to a world where imagination knows no limits, offering a canvas for truly unparalleled creative exploration. Embark on a journey of limitless possibilities and redefine the way you bring your ideas to life.

Crypto & Stock Bearish/Bullish AI – Discover effortless A.I.-powered market analysis on our website. Anticipate market shifts with user-friendly tools delivering Bullish/Bearish signals, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in real-time. Your key to staying informed and making informed decisions before the rest.

Real or Fake – As generative artificial intelligence advances, distinguishing between reality and fabrication becomes increasingly challenging. While it has given us amusing creations like the Pope in a coat and deepfake Drake, it also poses a significant challenge in discerning fact from fiction. NeuyAI’s vision capability plays a crucial role in detecting whether an image has been AI-generated or altered (Fake) versus being an authentic, unaltered photo (Real).

Compression A.I. – Discover the power of A.I.-enhanced JPEG Image Compression, delivering superior-quality and ultra-compact images. Unleash efficiency without compromising on quality—experience the future of JPEG image compression.

NeuyAI Staking & Swapping

NEUY Staking – Experience the most sustainable staking model in the crypto space. Stake your tokens to earn passive income with high APY rates and minimal gas fees. NEUY makes staking accessible by supporting single token staking and amounts as low as $1. In a volatile market, wealth protection and certainty are invaluable.

NEUY Swapping – Access the best swapping prices by leveraging +10 DEXs. All transaction fees (0.01%) contribute to purchasing NEUYs, enhancing the Staking pool as rewards.

Neuy is pronounced “new” + “ee”. The name comes from the word Neural and for the AI “ŷ” variable.

Supporting Computers Team

NeuyAI Contributor

Contributor AI – Pioneering the democratization of A.I. processing, this groundbreaking app is the first of its kind worldwide. Every task performed to support the platform earns NEUY contributors NEUY tokens

Project Timeline

Q3 2021 (Crushed it)

  • Become available on Uniswap (Completed)
  • Complete v1 Crypto API (Completed)
  • Complete Integration with Crypto Exchange Data Sets (Completed)
  • Complete v0.1 of A.I. Contributor App (Completed)
  • Create Contributor Transparency Page (Completed)

Q4 2021 (Nailed it)

  • Bridge to Polygon Network (Completed)
  • Become available on Sushiswap (Completed)
  • Complete alpha developer API
  • Complete Web Mobile version for Crypto and Stock Sentiment Apps. (Completed)
  • Beta release Proof of Contribution App (AI Vision Processing) (Completed)

Q1 2022 (Killed it)

  • Introduce NEUY Staking (Completed)
  • Complete v2 of A.I. Contributor App (Completed)

Q2-Q3 2022 (Moonshot)

  • Expand on Data collection endpoints (Completed)
  • Introduce NEUY Swapping (Completed)
  • Development of mobile apps for iOS and Android (Approved by Apple Sept 22)
  • Expand Staking to include $USDC, $MATIC and $ETH rewards. (Release USDC, MATIC & ETH in Beta)
  • Complete v1 of AI Trading and Investing Bots (Private Beta)

Q4-Q1 2023 (Expansion)

  • Expand on Chain Data collection (60% Complete)
  • NEUY Swapping to Binance and Ethereum (Public Beta)
  • Whale and Wallet Watching tool for Binance, Ethereum and Polygon (66% Complete)
  • Arbitrage Trading (Completed)

2023 – 2024 (Wisdom)

  • Arbitrage Bot Script (Active)
  • Generative AI (Active)
  • Real or Fake Image Detection (Constant Development)
  • Deploy Swapping contracts on additional chains.



  • 2% A.I Contributors for first 2 years
  • 20% To Development Team
  • 20% To Staking
  • 58% CEX & DEX


  • The initial Neuy token pool begins with 72,000,000 and a hard limit of 144,000,000. After that no more $NEUY tokens will ever be minted. This will take 98 years!


  • Daily contribution airdrops add 2000 new tokens to the pool. Each contributor receives a percentage of the tokens equal to the percentage of their contribution for the day.
  • At the rate of 2000 (max) tokens daily, it will take approx. 98 yrs to reach 144,000,000.
  • 90% of the 2000 daily minted tokens are distributed to the NEUY Contributors and 10% goes to the NEUY Nodes Development Team.


  • Platform Utility