A Decentralized AI Platform

NEUY AI is a general purpose decentralized Artificial Intelligence platform for building unique A.I. inspired applications.

NEUY AI Crypto Analysis Apps

Bearish/Bullish AI – Easy to use AI Powered Market Analysis for Bullish/Bearish Signals so you know about market shifts before anyone.

News AI – News AI Aggregates News from +70 outlets, so you know what the market is talking about from every corner of the ecosystem. News AI summarization so not only do you get the latest news but also in the most efficient way.

Chain AI – Wallet and Reserves Tracking, because the blockchain speaks louder than words.

Arbitrage AI – Arbitrage AI bots monitor on chain DEX’s for arbitrage trade opportunities with profits used to make regular NEUY token buy backs.

Crypto Analysis Apps utilize the NEUY A.I. platform vision, NLP, and charts to analyze market sentiment, memes, latest most relevant news, make predictions, identify bullish/bearish and risk/opportunity signals.

NEUY DeFi Staking & Swapping

NEUY Staking – The most sustainable staking model in crypto. Stake your tokens to earn passive income with high APY rates and low gas fees. NEUY makes staking easy and accessible by supporting single token staking and amounts as low as $1. In a volatile market, wealth protection and certainty are a rare commodity.

NEUY Swapping – The BEST swapping prices by taking advantage of +10 DEX’s.

NEUY is pronounced “new” + “ee”. The name comes from the word Neural and for the AI “ลท” variable.

Supporting Computers Team

NEUY AI Contributor

Contributor AI – The first A.I. app in the world to democratize A.I. processing. For supporting the platform, all NEUY contributors earn NEUY tokens for each task they perform.

Project Timeline

Q3 2021 (Crushed it)

  • Become available on Uniswap (Completed)
  • Complete v1 Crypto API (Completed)
  • Complete Integration with Crypto Exchange Data Sets (Completed)
  • Complete v0.1 of A.I. Contributor App (Completed)
  • Create Contributor Transparency Page (Completed)

Q4 2021 (Nailed it)

  • Bridge to Polygon Network (Completed)
  • Become available on Sushiswap (Completed)
  • Complete alpha developer API
  • Complete Web Mobile version for Crypto and Stock Sentiment Apps. (Completed)
  • Beta release Proof of Contribution App (AI Vision Processing) (Completed)

Q1 2022 (Killed it)

  • Introduce NEUY Staking (Completed)
  • Complete v2 of A.I. Contributor App (Completed)

Q2-Q3 2022 (Moonshot)

  • Expand on Data collection endpoints (Completed)
  • Introduce NEUY Swapping (Completed)
  • Development of mobile apps for iOS and Android (Approved by Apple Sept 22)
  • Expand Staking to include $USDC, $MATIC and $ETH rewards. (Release USDC, MATIC & ETH in Beta)
  • Complete v1 of AI Trading and Investing Bots (Private Beta)

Q4-Q1 2023 (Expansion)

  • Expand on Chain Data collection (60% Complete)
  • NEUY Swapping to Binance and Ethereum (Public Beta)
  • Whale and Wallet Watching tool for Binance, Ethereum and Polygon (66% Complete)
  • Arbitrage Trading (Completed)

2023 (Wisdom)

  • Chain AI v1.0 (Active)
  • News AI summarizing v1.0 (Active)
  • Deploy Swapping contracts on additional chains.



  • 2% A.I Contributors for first 2 years
  • 20% To Development Team
  • 10% App Launch Promotion
  • 20% To Staking
  • 48% CEX & DEX


  • The initial Neuy token pool begins with 72,000,000 and a hard limit of 144,000,000. After that no more $NEUY tokens will ever be minted. This will take 98 years!


  • Daily contribution airdrops add 2000 new tokens to the pool. Each contributor receives a percentage of the tokens equal to the percentage of their contribution for the day.
  • At the rate of 2000 (max) tokens daily, it will take approx. 98 yrs to reach 144,000,000.
  • 90% of the 2000 daily minted tokens are distributed to the NEUY Contributors and 10% goes to the NEUY Nodes Development Team.


  • Platform Utility