How NEUY AI Works

What is NEUY A.I. and How it Works!

NEUY is a general purpose distributed Artificial Intelligence platform for building unique A.I. inspired DeFi, Gaming, NFT, Image, and Vision applications.

How it all works.
This shows the data flow of Neuy A.I. Requests are sent from developer servers to nodes, contributors queue and complete tasks, results are received by developers and presented in apps.
NEUY Nodes

The NEUY Nodes is a set of distributed servers that act as coordinators between the NEUY A.I. Contributors, Data Sources and Developer Servers. In addition to coordinators the NEUY Nodes also perform consensus summary validation of the tasks completed by the contributors. Simply put, when the contributors all return the same results the data is then made available to developer servers for their own applications.

NEUY Contributors

The NEUY Contributor is a general purpose lite weight client app installed on individual workstations around the world that perform any A.I. task sent to it by the Neuy Nodes. The client app can work at different level from silently working in the background to full system utilization. This allows for more utilization of the existing processing power available in the world as most computers sit idle or very under utilized.

The NEUY Contributor is the first A.I. app in the world to democratize A.I. processing, rather than NEUY being a siloed platform for large corporations like Google, Meta or Microsoft, NEUY is the peoples A.I. platform.

For supporting the platform all NEUY contributors earn NEUY Tokens for each task they perform. Since we believe every processing cycle has value, all contributors always earn something rather than just the user with the fastest systems. We call this Proof of Contributions (PoC) since it is built on a non-competitive value based task protocol.

NEUY Data Source/Oracles

Since the NEUY Nodes are mostly coordinators, one of the key tasks is to connect the NEUY Contributors to the required data for A.I. processing.

These data sources or oracles can really be anything from random images on the internet to specific data such as Reddit, Stock Market or News feeds which the developer provides.

Access to the latest data from all major equity exchanges.
Access to +60 news outlets
Access to over a dozen exchanges

NEUY Anonymous Data

Since NEUY Nodes interact with public and non-public data sets, they use a Proxy to ensure all data that needs to be anonymous, is! The NEUY Contributors have zero pre-knowledge of the tasks they are being requested to perform.

NEUY Security

NEUY Nodes store NO crypto private keys, A.I. code, API keys, oracle, or contributor data and no confidential customer or personal contributor information.

NEUY Nodes use strict protocols throughout the data flow to ensure data integrity and validity.

NEUY is pronounced “new” + “ee”. The name comes from the word Neural and for the AI “ลท” variable.



  • The initial Neuy token pool begins with 72,000,000 and a hard limit of 144,000,000. After that no more $NEUY tokens will ever be minted. This will take 98 years!


  • Daily contribution airdrops add 2000 new tokens to the pool. Each contributor receives a percentage of the tokens equal to the percentage of their contribution for the day.
  • At the rate of 2000 (max) tokens daily, it will take approx. 98 yrs to reach 144,000,000.
  • 90% of the 2000 daily minted tokens are distributed to the NEUY Contributors and 10% goes to the NEUY Nodes Development Team.


  • Platform Utility