How NEUY Staking Works

A step by step guide on how to stake NEUY tokens.

  • Step 1 – Select Staking Pool
  • Step 2 – Connect Wallet
  • Step 3 – Approve Amount
  • Step 4 – Approval In Metamask
  • Step 5 – Deposit Amount
  • Step 6
    • Option 1 – Claim just Rewards
    • Option 2 – Close Position

Step 1

Select Staking Pool

The first step is selecting the pool you want to stake your NEUY tokens with.

Regardless of the reward token selected, you will always require NEUY tokens as the staking token.

Max Time Duration tells you how long you are able to stake your tokens for.

Min/Max Amount are the limits for entering the pool.

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield, which lets you know the yield rate for the pool.

Using the NEUY/NEUY pool, with a 100% APY and you staked 365 NEUY tokens, you would earn 1 NEUY token each day you stake.

Step 2

Connect Wallet

You will need to connect your MetaMask or other web3 Polygon wallet to proceed. We only request read wallet address permissions. This is to ensure our site cannot be used to compromise your wallet.

With this connection we can now send transaction requests to your wallet which only you can approve.

Once connected you will be presented with a “Deposit” button which will take you to the Deposit form.

*We provide more detail about setup on our how to buy NEUY tokens page. Here

Step 3

Approve Amount

This step is very important and we implemented it with security as the priority.

For any DeFi contract to perform actions for you, you must first give the contract an “allowance” to deposit on your behalf.

Many DeFi projects simply set this to unlimited, the reason is for easy user experience and reduced transactions (which on ethereum can be expensive) at the expense of security.

For NEUY, we recommend you only Approve what you want to deposit. If you wish to deposit more at a later date, simply approve the additional amount.

When you are connected and load this page, the default value is the remaining allowance available. If the value is less than what you want to deposit you will need to change the amount and approve again.

Step 4

Approval in Metamask

The screen to the left is what is presented when we ask for permission. Your metamask extension automatically loads.

You can also confirm the transaction details by clicking the “View full transaction details” which will show you the Approval amount being requested.

We recommend you not only do this with us, but with any Web3 Dapp you use for your own security.

Step 5


Now that the NEUY staking contract has your approval with an allowance amount, funds have technically not been moved to the pool.

Although you have approved a certain amount, say 10,000 NEUY. You can optionally deposit any amount less than or equal to that. Doing this can save on transactions costs for you future deposits.

If you planned to deposit 20,000 NEUY but only had 10,000 in your wallet. You could approve 20,000, deposit 10,000 and next time you come to deposit you simply need to deposit 10,000 again rather than approve again (default value will be remaining allowance amount).

Step 6 (option 1)


Getting access to your rewards has 2 routes.

By clicking the “Claim” button you are able to collect only your rewards without touching your staked NEUY tokens.

*For the first 1.5hrs your stake accumulates rewards but they are not automatically available. This is to prevent flash trading.

Step 6 (option 2)

Close Position

To collect both your unclaimed reward and original staked tokens, simply click the “Close” button which will withdraw both Reward and Staked tokens.

*For the first 1.5hrs your stake accumulates rewards but they are not automatically available. This is to prevent flash trading.

*Your staked tokens are NEVER locked in. This means you can remove them at anytime ensuring you always have full access of your tokens.

NEUY is a data utility token designed for use on the Neuy Nodes network.