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On Oct 13, 2022 NEUY is now listed on DeFiLlama.

NEW iOS App Availability

On Sept, 22 2022 NEUY AI DeFI iOS App is now available for download.

CoinMarketCap Submission

On Sept, 21 2022 We submitted our forms to CoinMarketcap for new token listing.

NEUY Listed on Coingecko

On June 3 2022 NEUY token is now officially listed on Coingecko.


NEUY Swapping Arbitrage Smart

On June 2 2022 Learn about our Trading smart contract which enables developers create their own swapping and arbitrage bots and scripts. This DeFi contract is presently in public beta.


NEUY Swapping Aggregate

On May 27 2022 We officially launched public beta of our Swapping Aggregate app on Polygon Network. By leveraging +10 DEX and split orders, NEUY Swap ensures you always get the best price available on the network. Ethereum is next 😉


USDC Staking

On May 18 2022 We officially launched our USDC Staking on Polygon Network. Earn token rewards for Staking

NEUY now listed on Nomics Finance

On May 4 2022 NEUY (Polygon) is now listed on Nomics Finance.

NEUY Staking

On April 5 2022 We officially launched our NEUY Staking on Polygon Network. Earn token rewards for Staking NEUY tokens. Fast, Easy, Secure and Cheap Transaction Fees. Learn more about NEUY Staking here and start Staking here Today.

NEUY AI Image Augmentation

On Mar 5 2022 Today we submitted NEUY Augmentation, our first app to the Mac App Store. We created this app to contribute to the AI community by empowering developers to create better AI models for their apps, as well as expose more AI developers to the crypto community. Read More

1000 NEUY Token Holder

On Jan 2, 2022 We are super proud to have hit 1000 NEUY Tokens between Ethereum and Polygon Networks.

Jan 20 720,000 NEUY Token Burn

Dec 29 Burn News Coming!

On Dec 23, 2021 we made the announcement about our very first planned token Burn session. Our stats page will be used to show the balance of the burn address with a link to the etherscan transfer to ensure FULL transparency.

Sneak Peak into 2022!

On Dec 10, 2021 we begin the process of the sharing more details into our 2022 plans of actions.

Twitter Meme Contest!

On Nov 30, 2021 Today we announced a fun little meme design contest, with a shared prize between the top 5 winners. Join in on twitter.

5 WEEK of NEUY Token Airdrops Begin Today!

On Nov 23, 2021 Our Holiday Airdrop begins this week with the first Airdrop on Fri Nov 26. Each week the Airdrop will get bigger! The Airdrops will send tokens to your Polygon network wallet address which is the same as your Ethereum wallet address if you use Metamask. Twitter Airdrop

Earn NEUY Tokens

On Nov 23, 2021 You can start Earning NEUY tokens by simply completing our Token Survey form here. Survey Closed Now!

Completed Submission Form to Coinbase

On Nov 11, 2021 We submitted our forms to Coinbase for new token listing.

NEUY Crypto and Stock Sentiment Web Mobile

On Nov 4, 2021 This week we completed our Web Mobile version of our Crypto and Stocks sentiment apps. Now users are able to easily use both these apps on their Android or iOS devices without having to pinch or zoom.

NEUY Tokens are available on Sushi Swap (Polygon Layer 2)

On Oct 1, 2021 Our Layer 2 Polygon journey continues with a new pool created on SushiSwap.

$NEUY tokens are now available via SushiSwap on Polygon Layer 2.

Polygon Network

On Sept 21, 2021 NEUY token bridge to the Polygon Network is available. Easily move your NEUY tokens to Polygon for fast and cheap transactions.

On Sept 7, 2021 we integrated the Chainlink Price Feed into our Crypto Hunter App.

Stats and Chart Page

On Aug 17, 2021 One of our goals for this quarter was to begin a new Transparency page, where we can share different pieces of information such as company Chart, our AI Contributors and much.

This is just the start as we plan to consistently add more information to ensure as much transparency on our network as possible.

50,000 A.I tasks per day, 10 Neuy Contributors

On Aug 11, 2021 The Neuy Network hit 2 new milestones. The first being we are honored and proud to welcome our new 10 Neuy AI Contributors who are sharing their systems resources with us all.

The second is again thanks to our new contributors, the Neuy Network achieved an AI task processing rate of 50,000 per day (AITPD).

$NEUY Token officially launches on Ethereum Blockchain.

On July 8, 2021 The $NEUY Token was officially launched on Ethereum Blockchain.

Neuy AI vs IBM Watson Equbot $AIEQ and Social ETF $BUZZ

On April 1, 2021 We created a virtual trading competition against IBM Watson Equbot ($AIEQ) and Social ETF ($BUZZ) that would run until April 30.

After 4 weeks of trading days and posting all buy/sells made and posting everything on twitter. Our Neuy AI came out victorious over one of the worlds most advance AI systems and the first social sentiment ETF’s

$Neuy: $76,229 now $81,930 = 7.48%
$BUZZ: $76,236 now $76,576 = 0.44%
$AIEQ: $76,244 now $75,679 = -0.74%

Follow every move made and posted on twitter.

Neuy AI Finds $GME Meme stock before its breakout.

On Mar 4, 2021 Neuy AI taught us new lesson on how good it can track up coming big events.

As $GME and the Meme Stock movement was really hitting main stream and making massive gains we decide to use this as a learning opportunity. What we found was that Neuy was already fully aware of Gamestock and the impact WallStreetBets was having.

Follow our post on twitter to see what happened and what we learned.

Neuy Nodes Test UI is publicly available

On Jan 2021, The first Neuy Nodes test web client was made available via “”. The initial version made daily tracking, news, sentiment and predictions data available.

Neuy AI Beta Launch aka “@HunterMomentum”

On June 2020, Neuy AI beta was launched under the name of “@HunterMomentum” and made its first appearance on Twitter. The initial version solely focused on making initial equity market data connections, data augmentation, and AI modelling. We had to first prove our conjecture that given the correct data and format an AI model would be able to make reasonably* accurate market predictions.

*When we say reasonably, there are always unforeseen incidents that are beyond the data sets such as severe weather storms, blockages in the Suez Canal or outbreaks of war.