Proof of Contribution

We believe that every processing cycle should have value and contribute to the community. Proof of Contribution changes the game of what it means to do crypto mining. Whether you contribute for 10 mins or 3 months, every contribution earns you Neuy Tokens.


Energy Efficiency

Proof of Contributions (PoC) is built on a non-competitive value based task protocol. This allows us to build a PoC app that only utilizes <5% of CPU power, <100MB of memory and 1-2 API calls every 10secs to the Node Proxies. At such low levels, Neuy Contributors can run quietly on any under utilized system without impacting the system’s core purpose.

Anonymous Data

Since Neuy Nodes interact with public and non-public data sets, PoC uses a Proxy to ensure all data that needs to be anonymous, is!

Value Based Computations

Trying to calculate hash values is definitely not the best use of so much global processing power. With PoC, each A.I. processing task contributes to useful data analysis that is shared with the Neuy community or users and developers. These A.I. tasks include Text Recognition, Object Detection, Natural Language Processing, Market Data and Sentiment Analysis, making each Neuy contributor a valued contributor to the community.


Neuy Nodes store no crypto private keys, A.I. code, API keys, confidential customer, oracle, or contributor data.

Neuy Nodes use strict protocols throughout the data flow to ensure data integrity and validity.

Neuy A.I. Data Flow
This shows the data flow of Neuy A.I. Requests are sent from developer servers to nodes, contributors queue and complete tasks, results are received by developers and presented in apps.

Data Providers

The Neuy nodes connects to hundreds of data sources/oracles so that developing clean light weight focused applications is much simpler and faster. In addition to oracles access, Neuy node developers can use custom data sources and models for A.I. processing. Below we have listed just some of our data providers.

Equity Exchanges
Access to the latest data from all major equity exchanges.

Social Media
Tracking meme’s for stocks and crypto on all major networks.

News Outlets
Access to +60 news outlets

Crypto Exchanges
Access to over a dozen exchanges


Thomas Lock
Project Lead

Project Timeline

Q3 2021

  • Become available on Uniswap (Completed)
  • Complete v1 Crypto API (Completed)
  • Complete Integration with Crypto Exchange Data Sets (Completed)
  • Complete v0.1 of A.I. Contributor App (Completed)
  • Create Contributor Transparency Page (Completed)

Q4 2021

  • Bridge to Polygon Network (Completed)
  • Become available on Sushiswap (Completed)
  • Complete alpha developer API
  • Introduce NEUY Staking
  • Beta release Proof of Contribution App (AI Vision Processing) (Completed)

Q1 2022

  • Bridge to Binance Smart Chain
  • Become available on PancakeSwap
  • Complete v2 Mobile Client App.
  • Complete v2 of A.I. Contributor App
  • Introduce NEUY A.I. Contributing Pools



  • 10% To Development Team
  • 10% To Staking
  • 20% To Marketing
  • 60% To Public, App Developers, DEX, CEX, etc…


  • The initial Neuy token pool begins with 72,000,000 and a hard limit of 144,000,000. After that no more $NEUY tokens will ever be minted.


  • Daily contribution airdrops add 2000 new tokens to the pool. Each contributor receives a percentage of the tokens equal to the percentage of their contribution for the day.
  • At the rate of 2000 (max) tokens daily, it will take approx. 98 yrs to reach 144,000,000.
  • 90% of the 2000 daily minted tokens are distributed to the Neuy Contributors and 10% goes to the Neuy Nodes Development Team.


  • Reward for A.I Contributors
  • Voting by A.I. Contributor’s for app features.
  • Apps will use Neuy’s as golden ticket and/or payment for feature unlocking.
  • Developers gain access to API by staking.